Foster Care & Adoption

Cornerstone Families provides foster care and adoption services for children and families in the state of Nebraska. Our goal is to find families to help meet the unique geographic, cultural, psychosocial needs of children who are unable to remain in their home. We partner with foster families who are willing to work with the child’s biological parents or family of origin to address issues of permanency and reunification whenever possible.

Foster Care, or providing a home for a child, is not just an issue for children involved in the court system. Many families are looking for help with parenting or a family to provide care for their children. Some of them are in your church, your own congregation. Would you be willing to provide a home for a child who attends your church? Does your church have plan to meet this need? By partnering with Cornerstone Families, we can help you develop a confidential, comprehensive, and safe plan to meet this need.

We also work to provide a permanent family to children who have no place to call “home.” Adoption can be a long and complicated process. Cornerstone Families helps families to navigate successfully through every step, achieving a positive outcome for everyone involved.

To find out more about how to become a foster or adoptive family, contact Cornerstone Families today.